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The size of the dent decides the size of the price!

Small Dents

Small dents start from £35 and can rise to £60 depending on depth and access, If the dent is in an awkward spot (like edges of panels/ in box sctions/ behind side impact bars) then most of the work can be in finding access to the rear of the dent to push it out, The longer this takes then the cost rises to accomidate the time spent.


Medium Dents

Medium size dents can range from £60 to £90 depending on position and severity, Easy access smooth dents go in your favour but the deeper more awkward accessing dents take more time to correct so the price is matched accordingly.



Large Dents

Large dents are priced between £90 to £150+ These dents take a lot of time to repair Usually resulting in me using the glue pull technique to get most or the depth out and then finishing with the rods to perfect the repair, This may seem a high price but when you concider to the cost of a bodyshop with the price of new badges in some cases and the inconvenience of leaving the car for a week It works out to be a very cost affective way to repair.